Activities To Do


Launch yourself from the ground guided by instructors and enjoy the feel of a bird. Witness the Earth from heights as you balance on the harness and speedbag under expert guidance.

Flying Fox

An enthusiastic adventure allows participants to experience gravity and enjoy the full airflow speed as you fly like a hawk secured by the harness, an amazing recreational adventure for all dare-devils.

Bird Watching

Observe the enchanting view of birds as they throng in the camp area and sing on the trees. Participants can bird watch either naked eye or using specialized tools like telescopes and binoculars to experience the wildlife in wonderment.

River Rafting

Cascade through the gushing water, as it roars with the current. An adrenaline-kicking sports performed in a group on whitewater or different degrees of rough water sitting on an inflatable raft and navigating through the river.


An amazing sport to watch the surrounding from a bird’s eye view. Navigate on cables, experience the whole scenery in awe from the top.

Water Zorbing

Walk, jump, dance and float on giant inflatable water zorbing balloons without getting wet. A unique and entertaining sports for kids and adults, it is fun to experience during camping.


Take a leisure ride across the river, watching the waters reflect trees’ greens and ripple with enchanting feel. An enticing recreational activity to indulge in during your camping experience.


Are you an adventure enthusiast? Then do not forget to indulge in the amazing sport of scrambling that includes using your full might in hiking, mountaineering, hill walking and rock climbing.


A challenging and adrenaline-kicking sport. A descent through the vast mountains or rock face using harness under expert guidance.

Horse Riding

Mount a horse and ride through the camping site’s vast space using all safety precautions and guided by professional instructors.


An alluring activity to indulge in during camps and picnics. Let the warmth of bonfire combine with the cool breeze, enticing the river side’s sight and instil in you calmness and peace.


Want to try your hands on fishing? Indulge in this fun-filled activity and experience the joy of fishing.

Village Walk

Walkthrough the village and explore its depth. Know about the distinct flora and fauna, thereby get close to nature.


An ideal part of an excursion with family and friends. Feel the open air and indulge in entertaining and fun-filled activities


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